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Microsoft outlook is a perfect email client application which is developed to experience superior email works. Works attached with email are very simple like sending emails, receiving emails, adding contacts etc. but these simple works are attached with very important data which is stored inside the outlook PST files. Lots of users are using windows vista as their preferred operating system. Outlook is friendly with every operating system of windows but there can be some issues using windows vista with outlook. As everyone know that outlook files often face damage and corruption situation by which it has to go for repair process which is can be done only by Microsoft scanpst.exe windows vista PST file repair tool.

All the .pst files store important information about your emails, they also store the files which are attached with your email. Lots of reason effect outlook to corruption and damage issues in windows vista. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Outlook PST files mostly corrupts due to virus and malware reason.
  • Any kind of hardware failure can also corrupt the PST file.
  • Power failure which also let outlook to close improperly can corrupt the files severely.
  • Interruption between any reading or writing process.

You can receive any kind of error message when the files are corrupted or outlook is not working properly. For such situations Microsoft has provided default inbox repair tool by which you can easily repair your corrupted outlook PST files. You can easily find them at the default location of windows vista operating system.

Almost the default location of scanpst.exe in windows vista as given below:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 12\Scanpst.exe

The tool Microsoft scanpst.exe windows vista has some certain limitations by which it is unable to repair severely damage and corrupted files, it happen if the tool fails to repair the file or the size of file is more than 2 GB which is the highest limitation to store data in PST files.

So lots people are trusting third party repair utility by which they can easily get their corrupted outlook data. In such third party repair tool features are highly advanced so they doesn't fail while repairing and recovering data of outlook PST files.

Some the features are mentioned below:

  • It can easily repair virus corrupted files.
  • The tool uses latest and advanced algorithm to repair damaged files.
  • It can also recover data from PST file over 2 GB of size.
  • The files attached such as images and embedded HTML are also recovered.

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