Inbox repair tool not working on Windows XP?

Lots of users around the world are still using Windows XP on their system. Due to the durability of this windows version people still like it to have on their computer system. Several professionals as well common PC users use windows xp. In the same case of today's highly fast and technical life we are using to store our personal or professional information or data in emails, contacts notes tasks etc. Appointments are one of most effective tool or feature which is used by several people around the world. So, Microsoft have developed outlook that you can merge all your work in single application and manage it efficiently. The PST files of outlook can easily store your emails, journals, contacts, notes and lots of more things.

But good things doesn't remain good forever and so outlook also have some problem of corruption and damage which can forward to data loss if it is not repaired in time. The issue behind file corruption lead if the outlook is been used improperly. Outlook PST files are the main files which store emails, contacts and every important data which you can use offline also. There are several reasons behind the corruption PST files. They can corrupt due following reasons:

  • If power failure occur while you were working on your outlook.
  • Virus attack can also damage PST files.
  • If the network is failure while you were sending or receiving emails through outlook.

Lots more type of reasons are there by which the PST files can get corrupt. The main issue is to get the data back from your corrupted and damaged PST files. It is important to get back the data so that you can use your outlook well like before. Microsoft has also developed default inbox repairing tool which you can use to repair your corrupted and damaged outlook PST files. Microsoft scanpst.exe windows xp version is available at the default location which you can easily find by searching option of windows explorer. In some certain cases the user can also face more critical situation in which the file doesn't repair from scanpst.exe. If you are unable to locate the scanpst in your computer system then you can easily download it from internet.

Microsoft scanpst.exe windows xp is available to recover the lost data outlook on windows XP. Scanpst.exe is a great tool no doubt but it fails too if your files are damaged deeply or due to some certain limitations scanpst.exe is unable to fix the problem. For such cases several other companies and websites are offering third party recovery tools which work better than scanpst.exe, the method of these tools are more effective because they use vast algorithms and latest scanning and repairing techniques so they are having high success rate than scanpst.exe.

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