Microsoft scanpst.exe Windows 7

Outlook which is commonly used application of Microsoft runs effectively on windows 7 the latest operating system version of windows. Inbox repair tool of outlook which is usually known as scanpst.exe is provided to recover lost data of outlook. Lots of people using windows 7 operating system often face problems to find scanpst.exe in their computer system. They usually get the error that outlook is not responding or the data inside their PST files or folder is getting corrupt or inaccessible. Microsoft scanpst.exe Windows 7 can fix the corrupted files and folders.

Number of reason are there behind the corruption of outlook PST files. It may virus attack which is common and probable reason of corruption or damage to the file. When you already have virus or malware it infects your saved outlook data very easily to interrupt proper functionality of the application. Viruses can severely damage your PST files. Another reason is power failure in which improper shut of application also comes. The outlook application is very sensitive so if you are not closing the application properly by your fault or due to power failure outlook is facing power surges it can become very harmful for your saved data inside your file.

The inbox repair tool which is known as scanpst.exe can repair those corrupted files which are inaccessible. But you have to find it in your windows 7 system folders. The tool can be found at the following system address: Start > My Computer > Organize > Program Files > Microsoft Office > Office 12 > Scanpst.exe

If you are able to find scanpst.exe at the same location mentioned above then you can easily repair your corrupted files by providing the location to the tool. It is important to create a backup of files because the tool works very slow and almost fails to repair corrupted files, due to some limitations. If you are unable to find it on your system then you can also download it, search for Microsoft scanpst.exe Windows 7 and you can now download it. The tool can fail to give you desired results so its better to opt for a third party recovery tool which is same as the scanpst.exe tool but works better than it.

It never slow down while recovering the data or never pop up any type of message while repairing corrupted outlook PST files. The success of any third party recovery tool is more than scanpst.exe tool. Due the performance and the results which it provides.

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